Aluminium Patio Doors in Sawbridgeworth and Hertfordshire

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  • Selection of Styles

    Customisation is key, and with our range of aluminium doors, you’ll be spoilt for choice! You’ll be able to choose between many different colours, finishes and hardware options. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to choose between different opening configurations, as well as choosing exactly how many sashes you want! Your Hertfordshire home is unique, and we’ll ensure your patio doors will suit it seamlessly.

  • Ideal Upgrade

    Create a seamless transition Aluminium is one of the most sought after construction materials on the market – and with good reason! It offers incredible performance, environmental benefits, and it’s one of the strongest, sturdiest materials out there, whilst somehow still being lightweight and easy to install! It’s a real all-rounder that will add a real boost to your Sawbridgeworth home. And the large glazed areas of our aluminium patio doors will flood your home with tons of natural light to give a brighter, airier feel.between your Sawbridgeworth home and your beautiful garden by using our patio doors to create a wide open flow. You’ll be able to move back and forth between spaces with ease and enjoy incredible amounts of fresh air and natural light flooding into your home. Even when the doors are closed, you’ll still be getting just as much natural light in, so the space will forever feel bigger and brighter than ever before!

  • Super Secure

    High security levels are a core feature of our range of aluminium patio doors. Combine these with the incredible strength of both aluminium and double glazing, and you’ll find that your new patio doors can resist most any attack!

  • Weather Resistant

    When the weather outside is frightful, the last thing you’d want is for it to find its way into your Sawbridgeworth home! With our aluminium patio doors, you’ll never have to worry, as they are completely weather resistant, providing you with perfect protection from the elements!

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Our sleek and stylish aluminium patio doors are designed by Räum, who offer innovative, 21st-century aluminium designs. We’re passionate about bringing only the best products to our Hertfordshire customers, so we’re proud to offer Räum aluminium patio doors.

  • Bespoke Styles
  • Suited to any Home
  • Superior Security
  • Inherently Weatherproof
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Great Value

Come on down to our Sawbridgeworth showroom to really get a feel for our amazing aluminium patio doors. See for yourself how smooth and silently they slide!

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Environmentally Friendly Aluminium Patio Doors

We know that our Hertfordshire customers are growing more concerned by the environmental impact of their home improvements, so we’re pleased to offer them green solutions with our aluminium patio doors.

Aluminium is about as environmentally friendly as it’s possible for a construction material to get. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to transport and install, but that doesn’t mean it compromises on strength – it’s just as strong as steel. Even better, it’s infinitely recyclable, so it can be reused again and again and again.

And if that wasn’t enough, our aluminium patio doors also offer incredible thermal performance to help your home maintain a comfortable, stable temperature without the need for overuse of central heating and air conditioning. Why’s that environmentally friendly? The less you use these energy-guzzling solutions, the lower your carbon footprint is (and your energy bills will be lower too)!

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Space Saving Sliding Aluminium Patio Doors

Sleek, stylish and space saving, these doors deliver on just about all fronts! For smaller spaces, or just spaces where you want to make the most of every inch of floor space, sliding doors are a seamless solution. Because they slide along a track, they don’t need space left clear for an opening arc, meaning you can maximise your floor space to its fullest potential.

But that’s not to say they aren’t a fantastic option for bigger spaces too! With the option to add up to six sashes, you can create a huge, showstopping patio door to suit even the most grandiose space!

Whether you’re looking for extravagance or simplicity, or something in-between, we can create the perfect patio door solution.

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Aluminium Patio Door Prices Sawbridgeworth & Hertfordshire

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