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  • Selection of Styles

    Through our partnership with Deceuninck, we can offer our customers in Hertfordshire attractive and custom designed patio doors. A contemporary touch to any Sawbridgeworth property, their slim sightlines and sleek design will add a touch of elegance and light. For your new doors, you will have a variety of colours, finishes, and hardware options to choose from. There is a choice of up to four leaves! It may even be possible to add letterboxes via a specially designed mechanical mid-rail!

  • Ideal Upgrade

    By combining our sliding patio doors with our beautiful garden, you can create a wide open flow from your High Wych home to your garden. Having the ability to easily move between spaces will give you the freedom to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight flooding into your home. The space will always feel bigger and brighter since even when the doors are closed, there will still be ample natural light coming in!

  • Super Secure

    We have all our doors fitted with four hooked multipoint locking mechanisms, which make our range of patio doors well suited to the task of providing security in any home improvement project. When you choose our patio doors for your High Wych home, you'll have exceptional protection.

  • Weather Resistant

    High Wych weather tents to be constantly charging, and our doors are fitted and made to restart the challenges. And the last thing you want is cold draughts running around your home or water damage creeping in. To ensure that the weather remains firmly outside our patio doors, we construct them using highly weather resistant uPVC, as well as concealed weather seals and drainage. Choose our patio doors, and you won't have to worry about the weather!

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Deceuninck create industry leading designs for doors. We only want the best for you and your Hertfordshire home, so we’ve partnered with them to combine their stunning designs with our expert installations to create the very best choice for our Sawbridgeworth customers!

  • Bespoke Styles
  • Suited to all Homes
  • Modern Security
  • Inherently Weatherproof
  • EnergyEfficient
  • Great Value

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Energy Efficient Patio Doors

The hot take in the industry is about the environmental impact of a home improvement project, and it’s set to get even more heated. There is a demand for greener home solutions in High Wych, and we’re responding! With their excellent energy efficiency, our uPVC sliding doors are an excellent choice for those who care about the environment.


We combine high performance double glazing with uPVC frames to make them insulated, and multi chambered. It is a must to double glaze with such a large glazed area. Consequently, all this creates a high level of insulation and thermal efficiency in your home.


Preventing the heat from escaping outside and staying inside. This means that your home will maintain its temperature more consistently, eliminating the need to constantly use the air conditioning and heating system. The less you can use your central heating, the better.

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Space Saving Patio Doors

Whenever possible, you should install doors that do not require a large opening space to open, so that you can make the most of every inch of space in your Hertfordshire home. Our patio doors slide along a track, so you’ll always have plenty of floor space. They stay aligned with your wall at all times.


It’s hard to beat the smooth, sleek opening style of these doors, regardless of whether you’re looking to make the most of what you’ve got or find a solution for a smaller space.

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Patio Door Prices Sawbridgeworth & Hertfordshire

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